1. Email me! If you are interested in Holly Hollon Design and Calligraphy, please email me
at holly@hollyhollon.com to see if I am available for your project and for a price guide.
Please note, I receive so many emails, so give me a few days to get back to you.

2. The next step is to discuss all the details. Since all my work is custom, it is best to schedule a phone date or meet and discuss what you are looking for. If you have a pinterest board or any other inspiration, please share with me! This will help give me the vision for your project and what you are looking for.

3. I will form a quote based on our discussion for you.

4. After you have approved the quote, I will create a contract for the work and that is due with
a down payment of 50% to start the project. The contract will also have a timeline in it,
which will have dates that you can expect each step of the project to happen.

5. The Fun Begins!